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Premium Draft CO2 Keg System - Keg Smiths - Premium Draft Kegs & Accessories

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The Keg Smiths Keg Stick is your perfect companion for your party, event or picnic where you want to have a keg. Simply attach the Keg Stick like as you would normally tap the keg. Screw in your CO2 cartridge, adjust the regulator to desired pressure and you're up and running. No more hovering around the keg and pumping. No more dirty hoses falling in to the ice bucket.


  • D Standard Coupler Fitting
  • Faucet with tap handle
  • CO2 Regulator
  • Available in 12" or 18" length


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74 Gram Threaded CO2 Cartrdiges - Keg Smiths - Premium Draft Kegs & Accessories
  • 2 Pack of 5/8 Threaded 74g CO2 Cartridges
  • Use both cartridges for 1/2 kegs, use only 1 cylinder for 1/4 and the new 1/6 kegs.
  • No Oil and 99.95% Pure Beverage Grade CO2
  • Fitted with Patented Safe Sealing Cap
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