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Nitrogen Threaded Beverage Grade Cartridges - 4.1 Gram

Nitrogen Threaded Beverage Grade Cartridges - 4.1 Gram

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Introducing the only threaded food-grade nitrogen cartridges currently available on the market! Our pure Nitrogen (N2) threaded cartridges provide 4.1 grams of beverage-grade nitrogen. The Nitrogen is utilizing the standard size of the Co2 16-gram cartridges making them completely compatible with our Co2 keg along with other accessories that support the 16-gram threaded cartridges.

 The Nitrogen cartridges can be used with the Keg Smiths CO2 Keg systems. They are 100% compatible.


Volume: 4.1 Grams

Thread Size: 3/8"

 10x  Threaded Cartridges Per Box

Please note: This is the same size/dimensions as the co2 16-gram cartridge. Co2 and Nitrogen have vastly different molecule sizes. 16 grams of CO2 can fit in this size cartridge, where Pure N2 nitrogen can fit 4.1 grams.




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