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Premium Draft CO2 Keg System

The Keg Smith’s Premium CO2 Draft Keg System. The mini keg is perfect for the beverage enthusiast and all home brewers alike. Fill it with your favorite beverage or mixed drink like coffee, beer, mimosas, and iced tea. Keg Smith’s products are built of durable 304 stainless steel to withstand your toughest drinking needs. The mini keg is simple to fill and can easily be stored for later use. The CO2 pressurized tap system accepts 16 gram threaded CO2  cartridges. For best results please use beverage grade CO2 cartridges (Keg Smith’s or Leland Brand), as not all CO2 cartridges are made with the same quality. To help ensure a perfect pour the Keg Smith’s 8-Pint comes with an adjustable regulator. Most beverages operate best between 5-9 PSI but certain concoctions will require more.  The tap system is easily removable and easy to clean.

Box Contents:

- 304 S/S Keg with airtight cap
- CO2 Regulator
- S/S Spear
- Tap and Handle
- Spare set of O-rings

(see instructions for parts and assembly process)


Instructions / Assembly PDF Download