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Professional Tap Cleaning Service

Let a certified specialist clean your tap lines.

Commercial Keg Line Cleaning Service

Certified Draft Line cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining draft lines is essential in ensuring the freshest draft product possible. Every two-weeks is a standard cleaning time frame.

Repair & Maintenance

We fix any issues your draft system may be encountering. We offer quality products and solutions to fix any problems you may have.

Draft System Installs

We offer comprehensive draft system installs for brand new or even existing systems. Our draft experts can offer you the best service and quality assurance available.

Our Services

Keg Smiths Draft Services is Phoenix Arizona's leading commercial draft beer tap cleaning, maintenance and install company. We are certified specialist in tap cleaning and draft installation systems. Keg Smiths Services is a certified cleaning service. We not only service draft systems but also manufacture many of the serviced parts and components, ensuring quality and reliability every step of the way. Keg Smiths ensures every pour tastes exactly as the beer was meant to be enjoyed.


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— Alice Peters

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